Interior Heavy Equipment

Operator School

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We are the common meeting ground where people, projects and professionals collide. We work with the biggest contractors around, for example Coastal Gas Link size, and we also help the one-machine, one-person show, who needs a lift along the way to learn and go.

All ages, races, and spaces come together under our banner united with a common goal to ensure that safety, training, and production needs are continually met by a qualified HEO workforce. Our shared # 1 accountability goal is that clients are satisfied, students are training-to-employment, and that we continue to provide industry-leading services to any partners, agencies or persons seeking them.

At IHE, our laser focus is to ensure that your investment and training dollars result in safe, qualified equipment operators that are ready to hit the ground running with proof of seat-time and real-world practice already evident. Their success is our shared success together.

We take a win-win approach to building relationships and strive for long-term alliances. As trust builds between parties involved, objectives are met or adapted along the way. Famous for our high standard of customer service, and quality training programs and knowledge, we are fortunate to be frequently asked to give third-party oversight or opinion to programs, or projects needs.

Filling gaps and adapting to meet the needs of others is what we do best especially positioned as a private career training trades institution.

Our workforce will move you!

Contact us to learn how to access our entry and experienced HEOs living all over western Canada and the North. Or schedule a VIP tour at our live operating training grounds. Or book a Virtual Consultation with us so we can hear more about your needs, and plans, and let you know how IHE can help you.

Picture of an Interior Heavy Equipment School stakeholder on the training site

We run year-round operations at our three stationary training sites in western Canada, located in Winfield, BC and Innisfail and Edmonton, AB.

Our remote mobile division brings the equipment and teachers to you, and your community, or straight to your employees and job site! IHE proudly listens and serves its variety of industry, public, private and indigenous partner needs year after year.
IHE has been training new Operators for careers as heavy equipment operators since 2005. We also provide industry-custom training, equipment assessments and competency testing to our valued partners alike.

IHE is proudly accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency of BC (PTIB) #3395 and licensed by the Alberta Private Vocational Training branch #7311.

Picture of a Interior Heavy Equipment college student operating machines during training

Our Agency Partners

Interior Heavy Equipment School is to proud partner with agencies to support the development of excavation and construction equipment operators in the forestry, mining, civil, road building, and oil and gas sectors.