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Certification Training

Do you already have years of machine operating experience?

Need a certificate to prove it?

IHE offers stakeholder and industry groups a Challenge/Certifying Experienced Operator service. If you already have machine operating experience, but require a certificate proving so, we can assist!

For Employers

Get your workforce certified now with our multi-machine certification process! Plan your labour workforce need with an Industry Leader and provider.

Certifications are available at all of IHE’s training sites: Winfield BC, Edmonton AB, and Innisfail AB!

Do you require multi-certifications? Prefer them at your site location(s) ideally? Please call us toll free to arrange this at: 1-866-399-3853.

For Operators

Get specific machine certification to help meet your employer’s specific paperwork and safety needs. Formalize and document your work history and achievements-to-date!

You will receive both a wall certificate as well as a wallet ‘Certified HEO Operator’ ID card for handy proof.

Call us toll free at: 1-866-399-3853 to find out when the next seat space is available for you.

Challenge/Competency/HEO Certifications Equipment

Articulated Rock Truck (ART)
Articulated Rock Truck
Rubber Tire Backhoe
Rubber Tire Backhoe
Note: This service is strictly for HEO’s working in Industry with previous machine operation experience, NOT for new workers attempting to challenge a course to gain certification. Certifying officer(s) on site will determine HEO’s eligibility to pass or inability (fail) to demonstrate competent, proficient, and safe operating technique and procedures. Individual Certifications are available at IHE training sites. Request More Information Upon successful completion operators will receive a Certification Certificate and Wallet Sized Operator ID Card from the certifying officer(s). NO REFUNDS will be given to operators who fail to pass


Certification Duration

There is a 3 hour time slot booked for each Certification. Certifications likely do not require the full time slot as the certifying officer(s) can tell very quickly how experienced and proficient the operator in question is.

Certification Outline

There will be a toolbox meeting discussing the Certification. Operators must be able to perform ALL necessary pre-start and shut down procedures independently. Observation is made by the Certifying Officer(s) of the student performing routine machine tasks and specific machine tasks assigned by the certifying officer(s).

Competency FAQ

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Get certified today!

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