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Major infrastructure projects, remote location mining, work sites in the oil sands, fly in / fly out camp projects and now community lock-down due to health restrictions present employer challenges where being short a work force is just not feasible. This is where IHE’s remote division can help.
Project based work operates on a strict completion schedule where everything from feeding the crew to operators on machines is taken into consideration. One man down can mean days of catching up on the work.
IHE can provide your company, project site or community with custom on-site training to assess the skills of current operators, train new operators on specific machinery for specific tasks all while keeping your project running on schedule. We have instructors, safety specialists, the knowledge and the ability to be your eyes and ears on your site when it comes to safety and risk management.
With our help, you can grow the number of safe, skilled and assessed operators, mitigate potential risks and be pro-active with respect to operational policies or procedures on your site.

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