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Year-round remote heavy equipment training

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Customized remote Heavy Equipment Operator training at your job site

IHE is Canada’s largest heavy equipment operator trainer and runs year-round courses at our training sites in Winfield, British Columbia, Innisfail, Alberta and Edmonton, Alberta.

We also offer heavy equipment training programs for industry and indigenous partners through our versatile remote mobile division.

Our remote mobile division brings current equipment, instructors and safety specialist directly to your community or job sites!

Since 2005, we’ve listened to the needs of public- and private-sectors businesses and indigenous communities to deliver the most reputable heavy equipment operator training.

Key benefits to remote mobile Heavy Equipment Operator training

  • Get your community the training it needs
  • Support the development of your local economy, infrastructure and development within your territories or land
  • Improve worker and site morale
  • Improve performance and efficiency
  • Increase worker safety and develop teamwork attitude
  • Benefit from a loyal heavy equipment operator workforce

Remote Mobile Heavy Equipment Operator training

  • Heavy Equipment Operator training consultation and contract services.
  • Machine competency checks of operators (3rd Party Liability Assessments).
  • Heavy Equipment Operator certifications sign-offs.
  • Customized machine training solutions to meet your specific needs (i.e. Dozer, Grader, Loader, Articulated Rock Truck Rigid Trucks, Backhoe, Excavators, Fork-lift, Skid Steers and more).
  • Skills assessment and categorization of a Heavy Equipment Operator   workforce.
  • Individual machine operator performance development plans.
  • Team Units – Efficiency training development (via observation and mentoring).
  • Customizable company logo wallet Heavy Equipment Operator ID cards (Often completed during Employees’ Regular Scheduled Shifts/Work Periods).

Additional services

  • Proper Maintenance & Use of Equipment
  • Incident Investigations
  • Machine Safety/Operator Audits

No matter your own specific needs or location, chances are IHE can work with you to meet them. Do we have a relationship with you, yet? If not, please connect with us.

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