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Be ready-to-work in 12 weeks with Earth Mover Training

What you will learn in Earth Mover Training

Learn the safe and effective operation of various sizes of Excavators, the Loader, the Dozer, the Grader, the Articulated Rock Truck, and the Rubber Tire Backhoe.

Throughout the 12 weeks of training, students will receive 285 hours of machine operation shifts as well as instructional theory.

It is important for students to consider bringing their own current laptop computer or tablet to access this training. Those that do not have access to current devices are able to schedule time in our student computer lab for study.

Four basic safety tickets (WHMIS, CSTS, GD2 and First Aid) are included in tuition, with additional safety ticket training available for a fee.

As students progress through the field portion of the course, the tasks required on the machines become more involved and challenging to ensure that they have the required skills to operate the machine in a real work situation.

Course Time Breakdown

Excavator Training


Dozer Training


Grader Training


Articulated Rock Truck Training


Loader Training


Rubber Tire Backhoe Training​


In-field Instructional Theory​

Interior Heavy Equipment School students and instructors at the Edmonton training site performing Earth Mover Training

Minimum Recommended Safety Tickets

Topics / Tasks Covered




Articulated Rock Truck


Rubber Tire Backhoe

Additional Course Details

  • Minors under the age of 18 years old require parent/guardian consent and a pre-entry site assessment.
  • Grade 12 or equivalent GED is recommended but not required.
  • A valid driver’s license is also strongly recommended but not required to train at IHE in courses.

More on Earth Mover Requirements

An employer will want confirmation that a potential hire can reliably get to/from the job site daily.
  • Road Builders Participant’s Guide (included with course)
  • IHE email
  • Student Work Ready Project including resume preparation
  • Standard PPE safety gear – eye protection, ear protection, hardhat, gloves, hi-vis safety vest
  • Water bottle container to refill water and stay hydrated on site
  • Daily lunch, and nourishment snacks to consume during breaks/lunch break
  • Notebook and pen
  • Students must wear weather appropriate clothing for the duration of their course
  • Excavators
  • Loader
  • Dozer
  • Grader
  • Articulated Rock Truck
  • Rubber Tire Backhoe

Students are required to read and abide by all policies and procedures listed in the student handbook. IHE follows a strict no alcohol or drug policy zone, and requires all students, staff, and contractors on site to follow our strict Bullying & Harassment policy whereby each person is entitled to a healthy and safe work environment daily.

Upon completion of course, the successful student will have reliably demonstrated the ability to operate the Excavators, the Loader, the Dozer, the Grader, the Articulated Rock Truck, and the Rubber Tire Backhoe in a safe and efficient manner using various techniques taught during the course.

Students are evaluated on each task by the instructor assigned to that piece of equipment. These tasks are evaluated on a scale. The average of these marks is tallied, and the score is tracked as part of their overall mark.

During the classroom portion of the course, students will have various worksheets and quizzes to complete, at the end of which there will be a multiple-choice final exam.

Students are expected to attend both the practical and classroom portions of their course.

To pass the course, students must maintain at least 80% attendance.

If absences are found as excusable by the school, the absence will not be counted against them. Regardless of if a students’ absence is excused or not, the time will not be made up normally. If there is a reason for a pause in the training, students may be placed on a temporary hold rather.

Students are required to always wear all their Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) including their boots when in designated training site areas at IHE.

Classroom based learning and safety ticket training does not require this.

No shorts, sleeveless shirts, or loose clothing [jogging pants] are permitted for safety reasons.

Students are required to always wear CSA approved steel toe boots when on sites.

Students must complete all required tasks in the Student Task Schedule for their appropriate program.

These tasks are evaluated by the instructors as the student performs the tasks and are graded as they complete them. To pass the course, students must score at least a 60% grade on their exam, complete all minimum required hours on each machine taken, and maintain an overall attendance to the program of 80% or higher.

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