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Sexual Misconduct and Harassment Policy

IHE is committed to ensuring all students enjoy learning in an environment which is free of sexual misconduct and/or harassment, and in which all students are treated with respect. There will be zero tolerance for any acts of sexual misconduct and/or harassment at our training sites.

This policy applies to all dealings between students, with instructors, suppliers and those working in contractual relationships.


To constitute sexual misconduct and/or harassment, behaviour may be repeated or single serious incident(s).

Sexual Misconduct and/or Harassment is defined as any unwelcome attention or action of a sexual nature including verbal, visual or physical conduct which has the intent or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s or group’s work or performance.

Examples include:

  • Unwelcome physical gestures, sounds or touching;
  • Display of offensive material;
  • Sexist jokes that are offensive or embarrassing;
  • Unwelcome flirtations, advances, propositions;
  • Leering.


Sexual Misconduct and/or Harassment refers to a spectrum of non-consensual sexual contact and behaviour including the following:

  • Sexual assault;
  • Sexual exploitation;
  • Stalking;
  • Indecent exposure;
  • Voyeurism;
  • The distribution of a sexually explicit photograph or video of a person to one or more persons other than the person in the photograph or video without the consent of the person in the photograph or video and with the intent to distress the person in the photograph or video;
  • The attempt to commit an act of sexual misconduct and/or harassment; and
  • The threat to commit an act of sexual misconduct and/or harassment.


More specifically, sexual misconduct and/or harassment occurs when:

  1. the conduct creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive learning environment;
  2. the conduct unreasonably interferes with a student’s performance;
  3. submission to, or rejection of such conduct is used as a basis of education decisions; or
  4. submission to such conduct is made a term or condition your training.


The above definitions of sexual misconduct and/ or harassment must be directly related to incidents our training sites or where training is being conducted and are not meant to inhibit free speech provided it is respectful, or interactions or relationships based on mutual consent or normal social contact between students.

Harassment is no way to be construed where there is the proper discipline or other actions, or communications associated with the performance of student. Neither is this policy meant to inhibit free speech or interfere with normal social relations nor does it apply to situations that occur outside of company property.

Complainants and Respondents

“Complainant” is the person who believes he/she is, or has been harassed;

“Respondent” is the person who is alleged to have harassed the complainant.

If a Student Believes He/She is Being Harassed

  • Tell the person to stop and/or that their behavior makes you uncomfortable;
  • Write down as accurately as possible, what occurred, when, who was involved, and submit to your On-Site Administrator or Lead Hand as soon as possible;
  • Discuss your account to IHE Operations Manager or alternate IHE Management or Senior Executive member;
  • Personal, Bullying and/or Sexual Harassment complaints will follow IHE Investigation & Resolution Process.