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Operator School

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IHE Leadership Team

Our leadership team are a passionate crew with over twenty-five years work experience all united in a clear purpose: exceptional customer experience and quality, heavy equipment training.

Passion, purpose, and professionalism fuse, as we find a way forward each day and week to meet the needs of our student body, our employee partners, and our agency and government stakeholders.

With decades of experience at IHE, our front-line teams’ experience seeps out to our students daily as we guide them how to move their machines safely, and efficiently, to move themselves forward in their own life and careers – new or existing.

Together, we impact generations and provide a ready-to-work, entry, and experienced HEO workforce since 2005.

Portrait of Mike Hanson, Interior Heavy Equipment School President and head of our leadership team

Mike Hansen B.Comm, CPA, CA​


Mike first joined IHE back in 2008 and has guided IHE from a one-man operation into what is today recognized as Canada’s leading HEO equipment training institution.

Both a visionary and a calculated risk taker, he thrives on challenges and is known for his out-of-the-box thinking. Working as one of the youngest drillers in the Alberta Oilpatch in his late teens and raised in Grande Prairie, AB he has an instilled hard work ethic matched by few.

Mike consistently shapes a competitive edge forward for IHE by seeing the whole picture in the context of today. His financial stewardship and careful management of resources, and choices, is appreciated by many.

Christine Hansen B.Comm

Senior Vice President

Christine offers a history in leadership and hands-on management in a private career trades college setting of more than 14+ years. At IHE, she drives operational excellence while cultivating high-performance teams to achieve their organizational goals. A genuine passion for education and excellence, her quick wit, infectious and transparent management style naturally spills over to others, and her deep operating knowledge base is relied upon by many. Since 2011, her teams and her have seen IHE catapult into a BC and AB based go-to trades school, with a busy remote division servicing Industry and Indigenous customers to boot. Whether she’s walking our training sites, checking on the well-being of our students and staff, or meeting with clients in boardrooms or teams virtually – she does it with grit, exceptional service and signature style!

Portrait of Christine Bay, Director, Business Development & Operations at at Interior Heavy Equipment School and part of our leadership team
Portrait of John Price, Manager, HEO Mobile Training Division and part of our leadership team

John Price

Remote Mobile Division

A Key Figurehead of the HEO Mobile Training Division at IHE, John offers a vast and current background in Heavy Equipment operations, assessments, and safety practices. He has over 25 years combined experience as an Operator and former Owner/Manager in the following sectors: Oil and Gas, Civil/Infrastructure Construction, Mining, Demolition, Environmental Services, and Forestry. John’s last post involved work on a high profile, government-funded project site in a General Foreman capacity. He specializes in Water Management/Steep Slopes/Environmental Awareness/Material Management.

John is BC-ITA [Industry Training Authority] certified on six pieces of equipment – Grader, Dozer, Loader, Backhoe, Excavator & Articulated Rock Truck. He has also enjoyed working on numerous Indigenous projects for communities across Canada during his career and is well respected by many in the field.

A former superintendent of IHE School, John oversaw the continued land development and growth of IHE across western Canada for many recent years past, including our initial site opening of Edmonton, AB (2018) campus. John is one of IHEs’ go-to Field HEO Trainers/Instructors for any employer requests/needs. He has assessed numerous operators over the years at IHE sites, as well as on employer job sites, from entry positions right thru to supervisory capacity levels.

A former commercial diver and veteran, John is well suited to handle himself in a variety of situations – including high pressure ones.

Amanda Cook


Amanda has extensive accounting and managerial experience in various industries, both here in Western Canada for the last 16 years, and prior to that in the UK. Amanda has been with IHE since 2019 and has been responsible for implementing various processes and software upgrades to improve the efficiency of Accounting and Payroll functions. Her incredible attention to detail, communication skills, and tenacity have been instrumental in ensuring that the Accounting Dept is a rock-solid support service to the rest of IHE.

Amanda Cook, Controller at Interior Heavy Equipment School and part of our leadership team

Halima Akhtari

Business Development

Beginning in January 2019, Halima started her journey at IHE in our admissions advisory department. She quickly learned all about our customers and services that IHE offers, with a firm belief that knowledge is the key to opportunities. This strong foundational base, and considering her measurable success the past few years, saw her mentored into taking over IHEs’ Business Development portfolio that she now runs. Halima is known for her indominable spirit and manages to see the positive in every situation. Her industry-employer partners and customer clients alike enjoy her rock-solid support and professional assistance. Halima is always looking to expand her network and connect with others, reach her at:

Jo-Anne Hall


Jo-Anne began her career at IHE as a Student Advisor in 2014 at our head office operations in BC. Her exceptional commitment to supporting students led to her willingness to see the newly opened Edmonton Training Site in 2017, off to a strong start! Here she found continued joy and passion as an On Site Administrator liaising between student-customer needs, field operations support, and various office management items. Recently, Jo-Anne assumed Registrar duties – a demanding and detailed portfolio that requires a disciplined, professional, able to stay highly organized, and yet another major stepping stone achieved in her own career advancement. Her deep belief in teamwork and collaboration is a welcome approach as her portfolio touches many areas of the school. Jo’s long tenure at IHE means she is a go-to resource for many as she often holds the answers.

IHE School Chelsea S. Director of Admissions

Chelsea Steer B.Comn, BFA

Director of Admissions

Chelsea demonstrates exceptional critical and strategic thinking skills, flourishing in dynamic environments that value quick decision-making and adaptability. She maintains a positive mindset, fostering collaboration to drive progress towards shared goals. Chelsea is deeply committed to promoting teamwork and leveraging the unique strength of each member, to achieve success for all stakeholders. Her diverse skillset in education (admissions), FinTech, communications, customer experience, and art lend to her role as Director of Admissions at IHE. If you ever catch her on the phone, you will hear her smile through it! Seriously!