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Heavy Equipment Training for Students

An Indigenous partner at the Interior Heavy Equipment School on a training site

Your IHE Experience is your first step into an exciting new career!

Spend some time reading this section to better understand what a decision to train at IHE really means – what we deliver, and how we meet our customer student expectations including what our HEO Trainer minimum qualifications are to teach at IHE.
IHE Heavy Equipment College is respected and recognized as Canada’s premier professional trainer of Heavy Equipment Operators since 2005. We use real machines, NO Simulators. Our courses are a blend of hands-on machine operation shifts as well as online instructional theory training.

PLUS, all courses at IHE include four standard safety tickets: First Aid, Ground Disturbance 2, WHMIS, Construction Safety Training Systems (CSTS).

New in 2021!

IHE is providing all HEO students with $400 in-store credit to purchase CSA-approved Dakota steel-toed boots, and other safety PPE gear required.

Dakota boots

IHE provides a $400 in-store credit to be used at Mark’s Work Wearhouse for new registered students in 2021!

There are two vouchers – a $250 one for purchase of CSA approved, Dakota Steel Toes boots and a second voucher for $150 towards other safety gear, personal protection equipment [ppe] desired, etc.

Enrolled students receive these vouchers on Day One of their training program upon contract signing in-person.

This is our gift back to our students for choosing to train with us at IHE. We also want to ensure that all our students can learn and be safe and comfortable daily on site.

IHE’s commitment to ‘training-for-employment’ is supported by multiple student support services

Job postings

Weekly HEO Job postings/opportunities shared to ALL (Alumni & Current Students) and posted on our website thru an exclusive student-only log in portal

Industry hiring or job fairs

Invites to ALL to any Industry hiring or job fairs being hosted at any IHE Sites

Virtual interview access

Virtual interview access set up for employers-students conducting hiring off IHE Sites

Final Project Assignment

A Student Final Project Assignment whereby students pre-research what geographic locations, and sectors of work they plan to apply to including the creation of a Resume, and safety ticket/hiring package that is ‘ready-to-go’ for finding work activities post-graduation

Frequent check-ins

Frequent check-ins with graduated students to ensure they are getting work or the help they need to find work

Life-time support

Life-time support – if you lose your HEO ID Operator Card then we will send you a new one!
Graduates receive an operator certificate of course completion and an IHE Operator ID Card. We also provide other standard issue PPE gear including: Hi-vis vest, hard hat, hearing protection, safety glasses, and gloves.
Picture of an Interior Heavy Equipment School alumni, Karen Rathwell
“I really enjoyed my time at IHE. The instructors were knowledgeable. I learned a great deal in the classroom theory. In fact, outside of training, I would find myself sharing what I had learned, teaching my kids about things like soil erosion when we would pass road construction while driving.”
Karen Rathwell
Brenda Cortez

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