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Heavy Equipment Training for Employers

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Industry Partner Training, Sourcing & Hiring Strategies

Currently, IHE’s courses at its three schools are directed at new general students. However, we are seeing an increased demand to provide on-site training for specific companies, and employees over a 1- or 2-day period, or even a one- or two-week custom course to ‘brush up’ or help ‘develop’ experienced operators with even greater efficiencies and preventive maintenance tips.

Other benefits gained include increased employee morale with an option to train a temporary laid-off workforce – using government money to subsidize – to help prepare for a strong re-fire, targeted date.

Whether it’s training for new recruits or advancing an existing labour pool or refresher courses for experienced operators, IHE can aid with customized courses to meet your specific needs including ID HEO cards with your own logo!

Many of our Industry partners prefer to book our IHE Remote HEO trainers to avoid using their own internal ranks to train/assess operators as normally the quality of training is superior simply due to utilizing professional, third-party external instructors.

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Loyalty Program

The more you send, the more you save or earn at IHE

Earned Loyalty can be:

  1. Applied to future students.
  2. Banked (Saved) towards a charitable donation by IHE School to your non-profit organization or group, paid annually by Jan. 31st.

1-19 Student Registrations – Regular price

20-49 Student Registrations – 10% Off

50+ Student Registrations – 15% Off

~ Y.O.U.R. C.H.O.I.C.E. ~ Discounts are applicable to any IHE Courses booked in the same calendar year.

We want your HEO training business, and we want you to benefit as well!

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Get the best out of your workforce!

Our industry-proven instructors help you get your workforce up and running with the latest in heavy equipment know-how and practical skills.