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Working as a heavy equipment operator is a rewarding and high-paying career. Your future starts at Interior Heavy Equipment School.

Mission Statement

As a respected leader in our industry, our mission is to provide our students with superior hands-on equipment training and outstanding technical knowledge, motivation, and commitment. Our students will be prepared for entry level employment as Heavy Equipment Operators.

At IHE, safety is our fundamental belief that shapes our company’s culture and philosophy. We emphasize it at every stage of the training that we provide. As such, safety has become our primary focus in interactions with our students, employees, partners, and visitors alike, and has become the hallmark of our industry recognized training programs, all resulting in one thing: Safe and Work-Ready Graduates!

Invest in the Future…

Heavy equipment operators often find themselves employed in project-based work. The timely nature of project-based work often sees operators earning overtime rates, double-time and other project-based salary benefits like living allowances for camp work and more. These additional wage subsidies add up quickly making an HEO career lucrative.
An Indigenous partner having a training at Interior Heavy Equipment Operator college
A picture of an Interior Heavy Equipment School student training on the work site

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Leader…

A day at IHE is treated like a day at work. Students arrive for their daily shift and report to a safety toolbox meeting. Starting day one, students are hands-on in their own machine (5-hrs daily) as they learn the basics of work-based training on excavators, dozers, articulated rock trucks, graders, wheel loaders, and rubber-tire backhoes including pre and post-operation maintenance checks.

Tasks include rock-wall building, straight trenching, road activation and deactivation, stockpiling, backfilling, slope trenching, leveling, laser-level use, and many more depending on time of year and the students’ own ability. Studying theory topics like surveying, slopes, soil, maintenance, resume building & much more is also accomplished online and in the field.

Emphasis on Safety…

Safety is the backbone of our culture and philosophy. We emphasize it at every stage of the training. Safety is our primary focus with our students, employees, partners, and visitors alike. It is the hallmark of our industry recognized training programs, all resulting in one thing:

IHE = Providing a safe and skilled workforce since 2005

Picture of an Interior Heavy Equipment School instructor with a student at a job site
Picture of a Interior Heavy Equipment college student operating machines during training

Labour review

If there is one consistency in today’s commercial world, it is expansion. The construction and natural resources industries ebb and flow but never stop. The official job classification and NOC code from the Government of Canada is:

7521 – Heavy equipment operators (except crane)

Heavy equipment operators operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines, tunnels, buildings and other structures; in surface mining and quarrying activities; and in material handling work. They are employed by construction companies, heavy equipment contractors, public works departments and pipeline, logging, cargo-handling and other companies.

Indigenous partners at the Interior Heavy Equipment School are learning theory in the classroom

Our Industry Partners

Interior Heavy Equipment School is a proud partner in the development of excavation and construction equipment operators in the forestry, mining, civil, road building, and oil and gas sectors.