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International Students

Welcome International Students!

As a student looking to attend from outside of Canada, you will need to first obtain a temporary resident visa. This will need to be secured PRIOR to enrolment and entry into Canada. For further information regarding immigration and your visit to Canada, including the forms needed for submission, please refer to the Canada Immigration Website at

PLEASE NOTE: IHE does not deal directly with Canadian Immigration, we kindly ask that you address any travel-related inquiries to their offices directly.

Once you have started your visa application and have a better idea of your timeline, you are welcome to contact our Head Office. We will provide you with a FREE letter of registration to submit with your visa application. Please keep in mind the school will need to include a targeted start date to include on the letter.

For information regarding course selection and pricing, visit our training courses page and our Student Advisor Specialists are available toll free at 1-866-399-3853.