Just over a year ago, like many businesses, IHE was closed. Closed for the first time since we began in 2005.  It was a scary time. Fortunately, our amazing team came together to pivot, prepare and re-open once it was safe to do so.  

On April 20, 2020, with classroom curriculum moved online, training at IHE resumed, guided by a thick pandemic policy binder. To date, we have been COVID free at all three of our training facilities and our corporate offices.   

The fear lingers today, but we move forward still together.  Construction, infrastructure, highway, and energy projects continue and so does the demand for skilled operators.  With our dedicated field and administrative teams in tandem, our students dedicated to living our safety pledges, guests abiding by our symptom free training zones and everyone monitoring with daily health check forms, IHE continues to supply entry and experienced heavy equipment operators to industry job sites across Western Canada. Select grads are receiving multiple job offers prior to and immediately following program graduation.   

I want to share some incredibly inspiring stories. It really hits home when someone shows up at one our training sites because they had no job to go back to after the shut-down. It was gone.   

Some of those people are training right now, re-inventing and re-investing in themselves in order to start a new career with years of work experience in their tool belt.  

We have seen mechanics, welders, builders, problem solvers, teachers and leaders of all ages, races and backgrounds and they all refused to be casualties of COVID.  

Their spirit – broken and dismal at first, is lifted, teased and coaxed along during their course. New-found passion and joy returned for a bright new future upon graduation.  

At IHE is we teach equipment operation and model best practices. Attitude or work ethic come from within. The shining 2021 IHE Alumni are beacons of hope in a continued uncharted existence. The big picture is overwhelming indeed, but broken down into small, achievable steps, makes it manageable. We know we can’t help everyone, but the folks that show up on our sites, putting the effort in, we are rolling the red carpet out for! 

To continue supporting students in any way we can, it is my pleasure to announce that we have partnered with Mark’s.  The full details are included in this newsletter.  

To our partners-in-training who have trusted us with their clients, thank you.    

 To our employers –contractors, municipalities and industry project partners that continue to trust our HEO advisory and Field subject matter eyes, thank you.    

To close, if you would like to be mentioned or appear in this ongoing publication, kindly contact us by email at: marketing@iheschool.com  


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