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Image of students operating loaders on the job site during Loader training

Canada's largest school for heavy equipment operator training

Interior Heavy Equipment Operator School is Canada’s largest school for heavy equipment operators (HEO), with three training schools located in BC and Alberta and a roving mobile division, too. Since 2005, we offer year-round weekly training on the use of rubber tire backhoes, loaders, graders, dozers, articulated rock trucks and excavators.

High-quality training instruction and exceptional student experience

Our high-quality training instruction and desire for exceptional student experience is what drives us. Our amazing teams go the extra mile for you! Your success is our success. Looking for a new job or changing careers mid-life? We will ensure you graduate with the skills, tools, and resume and interview preparation required to help bridge that gap to your first job as new equipment operator. By investing in yourself and choosing us, we match that investment right back.
Interior Heavy Equipment School instructor teaches students in the classroom

Student advisors help you access funding

Starting from the first contact between a prospective student and the School, IHE’s team of student advisors identify courses that will help you and your career goals, even going so far as to find you the funds available to aid with tuition. Every person’s journey is unique. We will listen to yours and help you navigate this life-changing time spent with us. Our students become like family.

Access to thousands of experienced HEO’s for the employers

By supplying a consistent trained HEO workforce, IHE contributes to essential work sector pools – labour markets that are predicted to experience sustained shortages of skilled workers the next 10 years. We have access to thousands of entries and experienced HEO’s – if you need operators, get in touch with us.

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IHE Quarterly E-Newsletter

The IHE Quarterly E-Newsletter is a publication put out by IHE School to showcase our latest events, testimonials, and more.

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Interior Heavy Equipment School students and instructors at the Edmonton training site

Industry-sized machinery and hands-on operator training courses

IHE’s success is attributable to providing a high-quality student and client experience. Industry-sized machines are used and a ratio of 1:1 is always maintained: that is one student or employee per every machine in operation on site. No sharing and no simulators whatsoever! Hands-on operator training courses learning and practicing real world tasks instead see new students quickly gain confidence, and employees become even more efficient.

Job placement resources and job leads for IHE alumni

The IHE training name and our students’ success means everything to us. We maintain many conversations back and forth between our stakeholders, employers, and partners alike. Maintaining a fleet of over 50+ machines, students receive five hours per day with the equipment including pre-operating and post-operating maintenance procedures that are mandatory.

ALL IHE alumni have access to the school’s job placement resources and leads for life.

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Equipment training for people making a job change

We offer hands-on equipment training for immediate job career changes or pivots, planned or unplanned. Excavation and construction equipment operators are in high demand in the forestry, mining, civil, road building, and oil and gas sectors. Employers like to hire our graduates with prior job experience and prior trades skills mastered. Our average age of students is 38 to 58 years old, and for many, this is their second or even third career!

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IHE On the Move

Just like our equipment, we are always on the go meeting people, keeping our finger on the pulse of industry movement which results in great stories to share. In our travels, we see nothing but heavy equipment operation across the Provinces, highways and cities.
Mike Hanson, Interior Heavy Equipment School President

Meet Mike Hansen, IHE President

Mike first joined IHE back in 2008. At that time, it was a one-man operation which has grown into three training sites, across two provinces with nearly 30 staff and close to 50 pieces of equipment. Today, IHE is recognized as Canada’s leading heavy equipment operator training institution.

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