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TopCon GPS Training

Course Description

GPS technology is rapidly changing how employers and operators approach job sites and tasks at hand. Each month, IHE offers an entry level course on all sites to help students better understand the use of this amazing machine control training technology – before coming across it on the jobsite.

IHE students who optionally register for this 2.5-day course, will get trained on Topcon 3D Machine Control Systems, theory and be able to put their knowledge to the test in a practical portion after, by trying it out on machines live on our training sites.

Taking this course is yet another way for an IHE Grad to stand out to an employer by proving you are an operator that is already familiar with what GPS technology application is.

IHE offers seat-time training on GPS-enabled equipment as another commitment to our employer partners, to help ensure our Alumni workforce stand out within the various industry sectors.

3D Machine Control Operator Course Outline

Day 1 – Intro to Surveying & Site Setup

Theory and Setup
Field Work

Day 2 – Intro to 3D Machine Control

Field Work

Day 3 - half day – 3D Machine Control

Field Work

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Note: Must be taken with Full/EM/HEO course or prior seat time on excavators, dozer, and grader is required to register.

Brenda Cortez

Technology is changing how employers & operators approach job sites!

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