Interior Heavy Equipment

Operator School

Winfield, BC   |   Innisfail, AB   |   Edmonton, AB

Mission / Safety Statements & Values

Mission Statement

As a respected leader in our industry, we have one mission.

We will provide our students with superior hands-on equipment training and outstanding technical knowledge, motivation, and commitment. Our students will be fully prepared for immediate employment as Heavy Equipment Operators.

Safety Statement

At IHE, SAFETY is the fundamental belief that shapes our company’s culture and philosophy. We emphasize it at every stage of the training that we provide. As such, safety has become our primary focus in interactions with our students, employees, partners, and visitors alike, and has become the hallmark of our industry recognized training programs, all resulting in one thing:
Safe and High Caliber Graduates!


Innovation & Teamwork

We Value ever-evolving business growth and student success through the synergy of our talented Staff, committed Funders, and trusting Employers.

Honesty & Integrity

We Value forthrightness and accountability in all aspects of our business and communication so as to demonstrate corporate and social responsibility.

Empowerment & Personal Growth

We Value the encouragement and support of our staff and students to perform at their best as well as in providing them with the resources and direction for continued professional development.

Ownership & Professionalism

We Value the competent and respectful care of our staff and students as ambassadors both of our company and of the industry.

Safety & Balance

We Value the establishment of and adherence to the highest standards of safety as well as in encouraging a healthy work-life balance.