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Full Equipment Course
Heavy Equipment Operator Course

Full Equipment course - 8 weeks - $17,500

Course Description

Learn the safe and effective operation of various sizes of Excavators, the Loader, the Dozer, and the Grader.

Throughout the 8 weeks of training, students will receive 190 hours of training with machines as well as 115 hours of classroom theory and safety ticket training. As students progress through the course, the tasks required on the machines become more involved and challenging to ensure that they have the required skills to operate the machine in a real work situation.

Course Time Breakdown

Excavator Training: 115 Hours
Loader Training: 25 Hours
Dozer Training: 25 Hours
Grader Training: 25 Hours
Classroom Instructional Theory: 115 Hours

Included Safety Tickets

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)
Ground Disturbance Level 2
Petroleum Safety Training / Construction Safety Training System (PST/CSTS)
First Aid Level 1

Excavator Tasks

Topics / Tasks Covered


  • Orientation*
  • Straight Trench / Backfill
  • Site Level
  • Triple Trench
  • Bench Trench
  • 1:1 Slope Trench
  • Straight Trench / Shading
  • Level Trench
  • Flat Road Build
  • Side Hill Road Build
  • Side Hill Road De-activation
  • Pipeline ROW Trench
  • Bell Hole #1
  • Basement
  • Laser Basement
  • V-Bucket Trench
  • Load Truck #1
  • Deep Underground
  • Grade Beam Trench
  • Bell Hole #2
  • Loading Ramp
  • Laser Trench
Loader Tasks

Topics / Tasks Covered


  • Orientation*
  • Backfilling & Levelling
  • Fork Day #1
  • Loading Trucks #1
  • Loading Ramp
Dozer Tasks

Topics / Tasks Covered


  • Orientation*
  • Tracks Straight Push
  • 30M Push to Ramp
  • Sump
  • Berm
  • Road Build
Grader Tasks

Topics / Tasks Covered


  • Orientation*
  • Figure 8 With Tire
  • Windrowing
  • V Ditch
  • Road Build #1

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