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Tara H.

"Just sending a letter of thank you to you and all of the instructors at IHE Winfield. I have just accepted an offer of employment at a local Ski Resort as a Snow Cat operator with potential for excavating in the summers if I impress this winter. And impress I will haha. I couldn't have done it without the help of you, Andy, Kerry, Corey, Travis, Steve and Rick ( I'm really sorry if I forgot somebody) You guys were all amazing teachers and I could not have done any of this without you guys. I gained so much confidence and passion for operating, you guys exceeded anything I could've asked or expected from the course. "

Mike P.

"I just landed my dream job! Starting mid May I am working with a large mining company in the Yukon operating a 1200 excavator. Currently we’ll be on a two week on, one week off rotation. They pay for flights, LOA, all expenses, and a handsome wage to boot! I just wanted to share my thanks to everyone at IHE. The hard work and perseverance has definitely paid off!"

Jeremy S. 

"I’m working full time running grader in Cold Lake maintaining the roads in my community. I love what I’m doing so thank you to everyone and your awesome instructors. Thanks for checking in but I have to get back to work now!"

Troy L. 

"I’m working at a local Mine up in Stewart, BC running Excavator, Loader, ART and Dozer. Right now I’m 20 on and 10 off, get LOA and my flights in and out paid for. I’m loving life! I want to say thank you again to everyone at IHE for teaching me everything I needed to know to land my dream job."

Craig M. 

"I am currently in my 3rd week of the 10 week course. The instructors are by far the most helpful, caring, and respectful people I've met. The site supervisor and his lead hand are great guys, who will work with you if you have issues or need to rearrange some of your classes. I can't say enough positive things about the staff, the instructors teach you and help you understand not only the machines, but the industry in general. I am eager to finish the course, and start my career, and thanks to the excellent staff I'll be prepared for it!"

Trisha R. 

"I have been attending the 8 week course, I'm on week 7 and have had an amazing time. Amazing students during my time, entertaining instructors that have given many examples of being out in the 'real world'. Safety is huge and drilled into our daily routine, and that's great! I have made many connections, many Friends and learnt a lot as an introductory H.E.O!! Thank You So Much!! You take out of the class what you truly want to learn, and never be afraid to ask questions."

Shawn M. 

"I'm currently working on-call for a local building company running Bobcat for snow removal making pretty decent money. I Got this job just 3 days after graduating! I've also just been hired on with a local trucking company as a long haul truck driver, and start next week!!! So far I've had 3 job offers since graduating."

Ron T. 

"Hi everyone! The job is going good, I put in two weeks and I'm home again until Monday when I go back. In for 2 weeks and out for 2. Every day is a different day, I do something different every day. I've ran flat deck, hoe, loader, and dozer. I'm thinking next week I'll be on a grader. Thank you guys for all the training, as it was huge knowledge for my job now. A few things I didn't know about the machines but now I do. Thanks for everything again!"

Allan N. 

"Good news from Allan! He just graduated in September and is already running a Grader for his local municipality!"

Mike F. 

"Mike just let us know he got a job at a local contracting company in Calgary driving the Rock Truck! He's been there a week and loves it so far also loves that it's so close to home!"

Whitney W. 

"Whitney just let us know, she is currently sitting in orientation for a large construction company in Calgary! She graduated from the ART course only on Oct 9th, 2015 and is already working!! "

Jason U. 

"Hi guys things are going good, I got a job with a local construction company here in Calgary running Rock Truck! There's lots of opportunity there for me and they have lots of equipment. Thanks to the school I have the confidence running the machines. All the instructors were great!"

Roly S. 

"HI everyone! I'm currently working in Mission BC doing civic work with a local company. Right now I'm operating a 270 excavator and loving it. I sent out lots of resumes and was getting discouraged however things ended up coming together and I found employment close to home which I am very happy about!"

Nathaniel F. 

"I graduated from the Heavy Equipment Operator course on June 12th and good news to share! I've been operating a Grader since the second week out of school for a large company in Red Deer! Super pumped on the job and want to thank you all for a great experience!"

Mike M. 

"I am currently working for a local company out of Armstrong, BC crushing rock for highways, roads, or anywhere rock and sand is needed. Right now I'm on a 3 week on 1 week off rotation as a skid steer operator, as well as running an 844k loader when I can! When there's no out of town work I work Monday to Friday in Vernon. I sent out around 30 resumes online with no response, so it was a bit discouraging, but the first resume I handed out in person landed me a job! I absolutely love it, it's everything I wanted in a career and the income has never been better! Very happy I went to IHE, the instructors, teachers, and staff are unlike anywhere I have ever gone to school and I was told by friends and family they had never seen me happier!"

Brian L. 

"Hey I just wanted to let you know I found work right here on the island 10 minutes from my house. They bought a brand new 140M for me today from caterpillar and when I start on Monday I get to go pick it up!"

Nathanial F. 

"I graduated from HEO course June 12th and have been operating a Grader since the second week out of school for a large company out of Red Deer. I'm Super pumped! Thank you for a great experience!"

Dylan F. 

"Just thought I'd let you know that I was hired onto a small civil company down here in Vancouver. Pretty basic stuff but it's a really good start. Just wanted to take a minute to personally thank you for everything. In the four days I’ve been here I’ve had to use a lot of skills that I learnt in your classroom. Still going to make a push to get back up north but this is a really good spot to learn and brush up on more skills. Thanks again for everything Rick. Wouldn't be here without you and everyone at IHE."

Robert N. 

"I got a job with scrap metal buyers and I get to go around doing demolition to things and loading it into trailers using an excavator with a grapple on it. My first day (Monday), I was smashing cars all day which was fun!! I wanted to thank the whole staff for all they have done to make my experience freaking awesome!!"

Don T. 

"It sure opened Doors for me. I'm working now $35/hour in construction. I went from lead operator at a pit, to foreman status now. I even worked in the oil sands! I've been earning $120k/year since I took the course. I mean I just can't believe it! I've bought two brand new trucks... This was just an excellent course. I looked at other heavy equipment training programs and other schools, and this is the one to take. Everyone was friendly and worked as a team."

Mark M. 

"IHE teaches you a variety of skills that are essential for success. They have an abundance of equipment, instructors and the real life work site prepares you for employment. IHE covers everything you need to know and more and even follows up with job leads that are emailed to you on a weekly basis to help you look for work! Training with IHE has enabled me to land my "dream job!" Training with IHE is one of the best decision I have ever made!"

Al K. 

"I would like to add that the course really gives you the Safety Courses and the confidence to operate the machinery. I picked this school for my training because it was highly recommended by everyone I talked to and better qualified Instructors. One suggestion I have for the Instructors is to keep on doing what you're doing - you guys rock!"

Michael B. 

"Please allow me this opportunity to thank you once again for all your help, instruction, and support. My short stay at IHE was truely memorable and I still miss being there. I miss it even more than my previous job which I was at for 18 years!! It was a great time over all. They have an excellent training crew with varied talents and personalities which make it a pleasure to train with. Keep pumping out quality operators, I'm going to have some fun playing in the dirt now - and getting paid for it!"

Charles H. 

"I want to say Thank You to all the instructors for your time and patience, who helped me get to where I am today. I have been working shortly after Graduation and the training has all paid off for me and helped me get working. My company was surprised I could operate all the equipment that they didn't think I would be able to, but I showed them! Within four months I got my first raise and just got signed on to a three year project with them! They seem to really like me, I show up everyday and work really hard!"

Paul B. 

"I have found work in the industry and I love every minute of it! After graduating in September it took a couple of months of job searching, but on the Monday morning of the second week of November I got a call from a local civil construction company. By one o'clock that afternoon I was in orientation and by 9:30 the next morning I was on site running a 450 excavator! I've been working for just over two months and getting experience on a variety of machines including front loader, dozer, mini-excavator, grader, skid steer, and the big 450 excavator! I loved my experience at IHE and it definitely gave me the knowledge and experience I needed to find work in the industry and begin my new career!!!"